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Book Club meets once a week and is apt for all ages! Enjoy a puppet show, music, story time, craft and a take home book.

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The mission at Viva Kids! is to provide a full immersion environment where children can learn Spanish effectively and have a blast doing so! From birth to age seven children’s brains are “wired” for language acquisition. Our goal is for learning to take place in a fun, stimulating, and stress-free setting.


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Learn Spanish Together!

Children not only will learn the language, but will also be exposed to the Hispanic culture through music, dance, play, storytelling, art, puppetry, and developmentally appropriate activities.


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Broadened Horizons.

Deeper Relationships & Communities.

Viva Kids! will also serve as a support network and resource center for parents and families raising bilingual children. The classes and programs can help maintain and reinforce fluency for children who are learning or are exposed to the Spanish language. We strive to foster a global perspective, appreciation of diversity and different cultural heritages.

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Children, families, homeschool groups, and adults learn the Spanish Language and culture in a fun and stress-free environment at ¡Viva! Kids. It is never too late to start! Regardless of your Spanish fluency level, find the group or class that’s perfect for you. We offer “parent and me”, children and adult group classes (beginner-advanced levels). Ask about our semi-private and private lessons, homework help, tutoring, professional workshops, and the ¡Viva! Book Club. Our teachers are highly educated, native Spanish speakers, so we guarantee you and your children will learn proper and correct Spanish. Join at any time during the school year or summer camps. Students are placed in the class that best matches their Spanish language skills.

Our group classes range from 6 months to 8 years.

Private and semi-private classes are offered starting at age 3 to adults. (30 minute or 1-hour options available).

“El Cafecito” group is for adults only. While parents learn in the classroom, their children may attend “Cafecito Kids”, a Spanish immersion playgroup held in our craft room.

Book Club meets once a week and is apt for all ages! Enjoy a puppet show, music, story time, craft and a take home bilingual book.

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